Welcome to Sociable Sisters Retreat 2017

Sociable Sisters® is a free social networking site designed to help women going through life transitions - moving, divorcing, separating, retiring, widowed, or empty-nester - by giving you the opportunity to find new friends to share your passions and interests. Or, maybe you just want to build on your existing circle of friends and have even more fun!

Membership is open to every woman 18 and over, single or married. Since this site is simply a tool to help you meet new friends, it requires some effort from you to get maximum benefit. It helps that you be self- initiating and not just sit waiting for others to contact you....

Membership allows you to:

  • Narrow your search by local areas to find new friends
  • Participate in social events based on your budget requirements
  • Initiate or join special interest groups or community Coffee Klatches
  • Post local community events of interest to members
What is Sociable Sisters all about? Watch the video!

Four Simple Steps to Connection:

  • Register – complete with contact information, short bio. (use lock icon on right to control privacy)
  • Personalize – check off your list of interests and activities from the different headings or add you own in “other”
  • Search – using search criteria from above information, pull list of like-minded women
  • Connect – invite like-minded women to join you in a particular pursuit. Permission to connect assumed through membership.

About the Founder Maggi Olson

While working as local Realtor® with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Brokerage in Collingwood, I was constantly moving new people into the area. Recognizing that their new home alone was not going to make women happy, that they also needed female friendship and the benefits that come from a relationship and emotional connection, I devised this site. Now it gives all women the chance to experience healthy social outlets, regardless of circumstance.